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Grandeur of the Seas

Royal Caribbean pledges to continue to cruise out of Baltimore


Royal Caribbean is reiterating that it plans to continue to offer cruises out of the port of Baltimore one week after Grandeur of the Seas returned to service.

Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, Royal Caribbean's executive vice president of operations, commented on the company's commitment, "We're sticking with Baltimore.  We're back, and we're ready."

Royal Caribbean added a flag to Grandeur of the Seas that reads "Don't give up the ship", which is a famous quote from the War of 1812, and the line says it will keep the flag flying on Grandeur of the Seas as long as she's based out of the city.  Royal Caribbean says the flag means Grandeur of the Seas is back and that vacationers shouldn't "give up the ship as a vacation option."

Recently competitor cruise line, Carnival Cruise Line, announced it was pulling its cruise ships out of Baltimore in 2014, so Royal Caribbean's statement is good news for a city worried about the future of the cruise ship business in their port.

Royal Caribbean's Grandeur of the Seas photo update


Royal Caribbean allowed select travel agents and members of the media to tour Grandeur of the Seas before she resumes normal service for guests tomorrow.  The ship is fresh off over a month of repairs after a fire broke out on the aft of the ship in late May.

Grandeur of the Seas is not 100% repaired but enough of it is good to go that the cruise line feels ready she can sail.  Annette Owens from MEI-Travel provided some of these photos exclusively for Royal Caribbean Blog and we've also included some other photos as well to show you how the ship is.  All work on Grandeur of the Seas is expected to be complete by July 19.

Public areas of the ship that we know are closed are

  • Diamond Club Lounge (re-opens July 19)
  • South Pacific Lounge (re-opens July 19)

Rear of Grandeur of the Seas showing no signs of fire damage (Photo courtesy of Royal Caribbean)

Chart detailing which areas have been repaired and updated. (Photo courtesy of Cruise Critic)

Sections of the rear deck are closed off to passengers to complete repairs. (Photo courtesy of MEI-Travel)

Crew working on a muster station near aft of ship. (Photo courtesy of MEI-Travel)

Royal Caribbean forced to remove some passengers from Grandeur of the Seas


Grandeur of the Seas first cruise back since it's fire last May is June 12 but unfortunately a few passengers have been forced to not go on the cruise because of unfinished repair work stemming from that fire.

Royal Caribbean confirmed to Cruise Critic that some passengers have been forced to "re-accomodate" to another sailing because of the repairs that are still needed.

Royal Caribbean spokesman Harry Liu commented on the action, In the past weeks, Grandeur of the Seas staff and crew and many others have worked tirelessly to restore the onboard spaces that were affected by a fire in May."

"Every member of Grandeur of the Seas' staff and crew demonstrated a heroic response that night and has since been dedicated to bringing the ship back into service. "

"We unfortunately had to re-accommodate some guests on the July 12 cruise to later sailings so that additional needed workers may stay onboard in order to complete these remaining tasks as quickly as possible." 

Grandeur of the Seas photo update


Royal Caribbean posted a new photo from the aft area of Grandeur of the Seas, showing the work being actively done on the ship to prepare her to return to service this weekend.

Other than the photo, Royal Caribbean reports is looking good and finalizing repairs.  The work being done is to repair fire damage that occurred over a month ago in the aft area of the ship at a dockyard in the Bahamas.  Grandeur of the Seas is expected to arrive back in Baltimore on July 11th and be ready to sail on July 12th.

Grandeur of the Seas fire repair work still on schedule


Repair work to Royal Caribbean's fire-damaged Grandeur of the Seas appears to be on schedule for a July 12 deployment.  Officials in Bermuda are expecting Grandeur of the Seas to make her first scheduled cruise to the Atlantic island on July 14.

Grandeur of the Seas suffered fire damage to the ship's stern back in May that forced Royal Caribbean to cancel a number of sailings while the ship was repaired in a dry dock in the Bahamas.

If not for the fire, Grandeur of the Seas would be making her fifth stop of the year to Bermuda from her homeport of Baltimore.

She still has another 10 voyages from Baltimore to Bermuda planned for the 2013 cruise season.

Royal Caribbean crew credited for taking care of guests during cruise ship fire


The news of the fire breaking out on Royal Caribbean's Grandeur of the Seas on Memorial Day has certainly given concern to some prospective passengers but two sisters on that very cruise ship have shared how helpful Royal Caribbean's staff were during the entire ordeal.

Sherry Winters and her sister Eva DeCamp, both from Ohio, woke up at 3am after hearing the captain’s voice come over the intercom in their room and knocks at their door.

“We saw the staff all in their life jackets. So we ran back in our rooms and the attendant helped find ours. We had them buried underneath the suitcases,” said Winters.

Eventually, the women learned the problem was caused by an electrical fire. Royal Caribbean International issued a statement Wednesday that said the fire started in the mooring area in the aft of the ship.

Royal Caribbean paid for hotel stays and airplane flights back home for all the cruise ship guests.

The women were told that Royal Caribbean would give them a full refund of their trip and said they would gladly take advantage of the free cruise voucher that Royal Caribbean officials offered them for next year. They said they would take another Royal Caribbean cruise because they were treated so well by Royal Caribbean staff.

“From the moment it happened until the day we left, they were just incredible,” Winters said of the Royal Caribbean staff.

“They put us first. Our safety first from the moment it happened,” DeCamp said.

The ship’s staff tried to keep the guests entertained and that Royal Caribbean staff recognized the firefighters onboard, the women said.

“We were just very very pleased with the way we were treated and the whole situation was handled,” Winters said. “We thought they did an excellent job.”

Royal Caribbean cancels next six Grandeur of the Seas sailings due to fire


Royal Caribbean announced today it will cancel the next six cruises for Grandeur of the Seas so that the ship can undergo repairs that are needed after a fire occurred earlier this week onboard.

Grandeur of the Seas is expected to return to service on July 12.

Guests booked on cruises that were scheduled to occur between May 31 and July 5 will recieve a full refund along with a certificate for 25% off their next Royal Caribbean cruise.

Guests that were booked on one of the cancelled Grandeur of the Seas cruises should call their travel agent or 1-888-824-0012.

Royal Caribbean also said it moved the Grandeur of the Seas from the Freeport Cruise Terminal to a berth at the Grand Bahama Shipyard, where repairs will take place.

Analyst Tim Conder of Wells Fargo estimated the cost to Royal Caribbean at $15 million to $20 million, including refunds, repairs and canceled cruises.

Fire forces Royal Caribbean to cancel next Grandeur of the Seas sailing


Royal Caribbean made an announcement today that the next scheduled sailing of Grandeur of the Seas has been canceled.  The May 31st sailing out of Baltimore, Maryland will be cancelled so that the ship can undergo repairs to fix what was damaged by a fire onboard earlier today.

Guests booked on the May 31 sailing will be provided a full refund of the cruise fare paid for their sailing. Royal Caribbean also will provide these guests with the opportunity to sail in the future by providing a future cruise certificate for 50 percent of the cruise fare paid for the May 31, 2013, Grandeur of the Seas sailing.

Guests who booked air transportation through Royal Caribbean International will receive a full refund for air costs. If they did not purchase air transportation through Royal Caribbean International, the cruise line will pay for their airline change fees.

A dedicated telephone hotline has been established for guests on these two sailings. Guests may call us at 1-888-824-0012 in the U.S. or +1-408-916-9000 internationally. 

Grandeur of the Seas was damaged by a fire early in the morning on May 31, 2013.  No one was injured in the incident although the ship was redirected to Freeport, Bahamas where it remains.

Royal Caribbean cancels remainder of cruise affected by onboard fire


Royal Caribbean reported a fire onboard Grandeur of the Seas early this morning and after assessing the damage, the cruise line has decided to cancel the remainder of the cruise.

Royal Caribbean issued a short statement on its decision via social media, "We have assessed the damage to Grandeur of the Seas and have made the decision to cancel the remainder of this voyage. We are currently arranging flights for all guests onboard to return to Baltimore, Maryland tomorrow. Guests on this sailing will receive a full refund of the cruise fare as well as a future cruise certificate. Information about upcoming sailings onboard Grandeur of the Seas will be posted as soon as it is available."

Royal Caribbean also set up a phone hotline for getting more information on the cruise, especially about people who may be on the ship.  The toll free number is 888-824-0012. International callers should call +1-408-916-9000.

A fire broke out at 2:50am on Monday and while no one was hurt, the ship's Captain decided to muster all passengers as a precaution.  The fire was put out at 4:58am and the ship was redirected to Freeport for further evaluation.

Royal Caribbean reported no injuries beyond passenger calls for incidents such as fainting, reports of high blood pressure and an ankle sprain.

Throughout, the ship’s power, propulsion and communications systems functioned uninterrupted.

Royal Caribbean CEO Adam Goldstein and a Guest Care team are en route to Freeport to meet guests.

Grandeur of the Seas was supposed to sail to CocoCay, Royal Caribbean's private island. Instead it sailed right to Freeport, Bahamas for evaluation.

The Grandeur of the Seas sailed out of Baltimore, with a stop at Port Canaveral before the fire.

Fire aboard Royal Caribbean ship but no one hurt


A fire was reported aboard Royal Caribbean's Grandeur of the Seas while on her way to the Bahamas.  The event occurred on Monday morning by Royal Caribbean and was quickly extinguished.

Royal Caribbean says passengers had to report to evacuation stations but that all are safe and have been accounted for. The cruise line also says the ship still has full power. No serious injuries were reported, and the ship is still making its way to the Bahamas.

The fire was reported on deck three around 2:50 a.m. Monday.

Grandeur of the Seas sailed out of Baltimore, with a stop at Port Canaveral before the fire.