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Allure of the Seas

Royal Caribbean changes itineraries for two more cruise ships because of Hurricane Matthew


The projected path of Hurricane Matthew has forced Royal Caribbean to change the itinerary for two more cruise ships.

Cruise Critic is reporting changes to Allure of the Seas and Enchantment of the Seas due to this massive storm.

Allure of the Seas will depart from Port Everglades as scheduled on October 2, but will change the order in which she visits her ports. 

  • October 2: Depart Port Everglades at 4:30pm
  • October 3: Sea Day
  • October 4: Cozumel 7am - 6pm
  • October 5: Sea day
  • October 6: Falmouth 7am - 4pm
  • October 7: Labadee 9:30am - 6pm
  • October 8: Sea Day
  • October 9: Port Everglades 6:15am

In addition, Enchantment of the Seas has canceled both of her stops in the Bahamas. Instead, she will sail on a Western Caribbean itinerary

  • October 3: Depart Miami at 4pm
  • October 4: Sea Day
  • October 5: Cozumel 8am - 2pm
  • October 6: Key West 1:15pm - 7pm
  • October 7: Miami 6:15am

Royal Caribbean changed the itinerary already for Adventure of the Seas and Allure of the Seas earlier this week to avoid the path of the storm that has become Hurricane Matthew.

Royal Caribbean changes Allure of the Seas itinerary due to tropical disturbance Invest 97L


Royal Caribbean sent a letter to guests aboard Allure of the Seas yesterday to tell them that their itinerary will change due to the anticipated path of a tropical disturbance.

Allure of the Seas had been scheduled to sail on an Eastern Caribbean itinerary to the St. Thomas and St. Maarten.  Royal Caribbean noted that the path of this disturbance is expected to track through the east-southeast region of the Windward Islands.  For the safety and comfort of guests and crew, Royal Caribbean has decided to revise Allure of the Seas' itinerary as follows.

September 25Port Everglades, Florida 4:30pm
September 26Nassau, Bahamas7:00am2:00pm
September 27At sea  
September 28Labadee, Haiti8:00am4:00pm
September 29Falmouth, Jamaica9:00am7:00pm
September 30At sea  
October 1At Sea  
October 2Port Everglades, Florida6:15am 

Guests that booked shore excursions in St. Thomas or St. Maarten will have those funds refunded to them in the form of onboard credit.  

The ship's Captain, Ronald Holmes, sent a letter to each guest's stateroom explaining the change, "We have been closely monitoring the storm to ensure you have an enjoyable, safe and comfortable cruise. Your safety and that of our crew members is always our foremost concern."

Thanks to Kevin Korman and TickledBlue for providing information in this post.

Patti LaBelle performs for guests aboard Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas during President's Cruise


Guests aboard Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas were treated to a special performance by Grammy award-winning legendary artist Patti LaBelle.

The VIP performance was for guests on the first-ever Royal Caribbean President's Cruise that featured President and CEO Michael Bayley

LaBelle was onboard to treat members of the cruise line’s Crown & Anchor Society loyalty program to an exclusive performance of her best hits including “Lady Marmalade,” “New Attitude,” “On My Own” and “You Are My Friend.”

During the special seven-night Caribbean cruise, sailing round-trip from Fort Lauderdale, FL,  guests onboard Allure are visiting popular ports of call including Nassau, The Bahamas; San Juan, Puerto Rico; and Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas.

Royal Caribbean planning a photo opportunity with all three Oasis-class cruise ships


A really big photo is being planned by Royal Caribbean that involves all three of its Oasis-class cruise ships in one place very soon.

Royal Caribbean CEO Michael Bayley confirmed that the company will take photos of the three ships together in coordination with Harmony of the Seas' arrival in the United States in a few short weeks.

"We're trying to arrange all three Oasis-class to be next to each other, off the coast of Florida on November the 4th in the afternoon," Bayley said at an event aboard Allure of the Seas earlier today.

The plan is for Oasis of the Seas, Allure of the Seas and Harmony of the Seas to appear together on November 4, 2016.  Royal Caribbean will also invite guests up to the helipad for additional photo opportunities.

Royal Caribbean held a similar event back in 2010, when Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas met at sea.

Six beautiful photos of Royal Caribbean ships in Port Everglades


We love looking at beautiful Royal Caribbean photos and today we have a handful of great ones to share.

Photographer Rob Starling shared these great shots of four different Royal Caribbean ships coming and leaving Port Everglades, Florida.

Liberty of the Seas

Legend of the Seas

Allure of the Seas

Allure of the Seas

Allure of the Seas

Independence of the Seas

All photos copyright Rob Starling.

Fun Finds: Royal Caribbean drink floaties


While we were on Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas, we were browsing the the Royal Caribbean gift shop and ran across quite possibly the cutest drink cozies ever.

The "drink floaties" offer inflatible life preservers for your drink that fit around most beverages or cups.

The floaties come in a few different colors, including orange, green and yellow.

If you are looking for a fun way to enjoy a cold beverage, you might consider this!

A 4-pack of drink floaties are available for $14.95 and were sold in the Allure of the Seas gift shop.

Will you be adding these floaties to your collection? Share with us in comments below!

Top 10 Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas hidden secrets


Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas is an amazing cruise ship that offers guests so much to see and do onboard. It is one of the largest cruise ships in the world and with so much going on, we present our list of the best secrets that are easily to overlook on Allure of the Seas.

10. Best drink you don't know about: Cucumber martini

There are so many drinks to try on any Royal Caribbean cruise, but if you are on Allure of the Seas, you should go out of your way to try a drink unique to this class of ships: the Cucumber Martini.

The cucumber martini has reached cult status with many Royal Caribbean fans and is available at two bars onboard: 150 Central Park and the Champagne Bar.

This drink is light and very refreshing and a very different kind of drink.  It also is quite tasty!

If you want to make a cucumber martini at home, here is the recipe!

9. Water fountain shows

If you want to see a really unique show on Allure of the Seas that is easily overlooked, then you need to head to the Boardwalk in the evenings for the water fountain shows.

On many evenings, the AquaTheater will utilize the amazing AquaTheater fountains to "dance" along to select instrumental music, and it is pretty darn fun!

Check your Cruise Compass for exact times, but this is a fun show that showcases the water synchronization ability, beautiful lighting and is mesmerizing to watch.

8. Best Izumi value: DX sushi combo

If you are looking for the absolute best value at Izumi, in terms of getting the most value for the dollar, you cannot beat the DX Sushi Combo.

In general, the sushi combination dishes at Izumi offer an excellent value, but we have found the DX Sushi Combo to offer the most sushi for the money and it is also a great selection of rolls as well.

As a bonus, the DX Sushi combo is also available at other Izumi restaurants we have dined at across Royal Caribbean's fleet.

7. Best breakfast spot: Johnny Rockets

If you want one of the best breakfast spots on Allure of the Seas that is likely not to be nearly as crowded as the Windjammer, then head to the Boardwalk to Johnny Rockets.

On Allure of the Seas, Johnny Rockets is open for breakfast and offers some great traditional breakfast items, such as pancakes, omelettes, French toast, and more.

The best part? It's free!  Johnny Rockets is complimentary for breakfast on Allure of the Seas (lunch and dinner at Johnny Rockets still cost extra).

6. Embarkation day lunch spots

Just like breakfast, the Windjammer can get pretty busy since so many guests head there for their embarkation day lunch but there are some good alternatives to consider that will be far less crowded.

Sabor, Park Cafe, Giovanni's Table and Johnny Rockets are all open on embarkation day on Allure of the Seas and you will find great food without the crowds.

If you find a line to get into the Windjammer, often these other spots will be far less crowded.  And the food is great there too!

5. Bridge wings

The absolute best place for sail away or for when sailing into a port are the bridge wings on deck 14.

These bridge wings extend away from the side of the ship, giving guests a very unique view of your surroundings, and Allure of the Seas itself.

To get to the wing viewing areas, go all the way forward in the deck 14 on the port side. Once you arrive at the end of the corridor, there will be a glass door on the left.

4. Exit the Amber Theater on deck 5

Imagine this: you just finished seeing another great show in the Amber Theater on Allure of the Seas and it is time to leave.  Problem is, the huge crowd exiting the theater is going nowhere!

Your best bet is to head up to deck five (the Amber Theater has two levels) and exit on that deck.

The reason is deck 4 empties into a narrow elevator lobby and the casino, whereas deck 5 opens up into the Royal Promenade.  There is physically far more space for guests to exit on deck 5.

3. Small wonders

Photo by nenner1

Hidden all over Allure of the Seas are an easily overlooked bit of art that is truly fun to look at, the small wonders.

You will find either something that looks like a periscope or telescope, coming from the ground.  If you happen to stop and look inside, you will find some cool art to enjoy. 

Finding these is a lot of fun for kids and adults, and there are over twenty of them all over the ship.

Hint: if you give up and cannot find them all, Guest Services can provide you with a list of them all to help!

2. Express Sabor guacamole option

Confession time: I love the guacamole from Sabor on Allure of the Seas. Did you know you can indulge in some guacamole anytime you want it without sitting down?

For guests who need to grab-and-go guacamole (maybe bringing it back to your stateroom), head to the Sabor bar on the Boardwalk.

It is the round bar area outside the entrance to Sabor and they serve up the same great guacamole the sit down restaurant has!

1. Take the Central Park guided tour

Royal Caribbean's Central Park is an impressive and beautiful area on the ship and guests can take a complimentary tour of the neighborhood with the ship's horticulturalists.

Check your Cruise Compass for the exact day and time, but this is a guided tour of Central Park to get a better understanding of how Royal Caribbean maintains a living park on a cruise ship.

It is very interesting to see what it takes to maintain Central Park and keep it so beautiful!

Did we miss any Allure of the Seas secrets? Share them in our comments!

Spotted: Sushi to go on Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas


Ever since Royal Caribbean launched the Izumi specialty restaurant on Oasis of the Seas, the concept of having high quality sushi on a cruise ship has really taken off with guests.

While on Allure of the Seas last week, we spotted a new sushi option in the Royal Promenade that is perfect for guests on the go.

This new sushi option was on the Royal Promenade on embarkation day, and featured three types of maki rolls that guests could purchase on the spot and take with them anywhere onboard.

  • Salmon Lovers roll: $13
  • Crispy Spicy Shrimp roll: $13
  • Snow crab California roll $13

While onboard Allure of the Seas, we did not see any other times sushi to go being offered, but it was something different to see.

Would you buy one of these sushi to go options? Tell us in the comments!

Royal Caribbean resumes visits to private destination of Labadee


Royal Caribbean was able to resume stops at its private destination of Labadee, following three cancelled scheduled stops due to local protests.

Allure of the Seas was able to dock in Labadee earlier this morning, and its guests were able to disembark and enjoy the activities onshore.

Good morning Haiti #royalcaribbean #labadee #haiti

A photo posted by Brittany (@_brittnaynay_) on

Royal Caribbean has been working closely with local and government officials in Haiti to monitor the situation and ensure the safety of its guests.

7 surprising facts about Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas


Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas is among the cruise line's most popular cruise ships, and for good reason.

She is the largest cruise ship in the world (as of the writing of this blog post) and offers guests so much to do onboard.

Here are some quick facts about Allure of the Seas that you might not have known about!

7. Her godmother isn't human

Every cruise ship has an honorary godmother, that attends the ship's naming ceremony and officially welcomes the ship into the fleet, but for Allure of the Seas, Royal Caribbean did something unusual by making an animated character her godmother.

Princess Fiona, from the Shrek films, was named Allure of the Seas' godmother on November 28, 2010.

Princess Fiona appeared in 3-D on the screen in the ship's Amber Theater to preside over the festivities, interacting with Royal Caribbean Chairman and CEO, Richard D. Fain.

The decision to have Fiona be the godmother is another part of the tightly knit deal between Royal Caribbean and Dreamworks to integrate the characters into the ships of the Royal Caribbean fleet.

6. Allure of the Seas is longer than Oasis of the Seas by accident

When Royal Caribbean was building Allure of the Seas, they wanted to make sure she was very close to sister ship Oasis of the Seas, because Oasis had been performing so well that the company did not want to ruin a good thing.

There is one key difference between the two and that is Allure of the Seas is 50mm longer than Oasis of the Seas.

Interestingly, the shipyard where she was build maintains this difference was not intentional.  

STX Finland Project Director Topivo Ilvonen said, "Indeed this is a curiosity only.  In a ship that is 360 metres long such small differences may occur due to the temperature of steel."

5. Allure of the Seas does not "squat" when going faster

Those that remember Allure of the Seas' delivery from the STX Finland shipyard may recall as she passed under the Great Belt Bridge, a story came out that by traveling at a higher speed in a shallow channel, the ship will be drawn deeper into the water.

The fact is, that is just not true.

The shipyard builders contend it is a myth that the "squat effect" would have any significant effect on the draft of the vessel when passing the Great Belt Bridge because the water is too deep.

4. Allure of the Seas offered the first Starbucks at sea

These days, many Royal Caribbean ships offer Starbucks beverages onboard their ships but the Royal Caribbean and Starbucks connection first began with Allure of the Seas.

The Starbucks at sea is operated under a license between Starbucks and Royal Caribbean and was first launched on Allure of the Seas.

3. Restaurants have been replaced and moved on Allure of the Seas

Allure of the Seas is just five years old, but has seen quite a bit of change onboard, including restaurant changes.

Rita's Cantina used to be on the Boardwalk for guests to enjoy, but in a recent refurbishment, Royal Caribbean replaced Rita's with another Mexican cuisine offering, Sabor Taqueria & Tequila Bar.

Japanese restaurant Izumi is still available on Allure of the Seas, but it was moved from its small location on Deck 16 all the way down to deck 4, and now includes Teppanyaki cuisine.

Coastal Kitchen, the restaurant open exclusively to guests booked in suites, took up residence on Deck 17, which used to be the location of the Viking Crown Lounge.

2. Electricity for the shopping district is provided by solar energy

The next time you do some shopping onboard Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas, you can feel better about the ship's footprint on the Earth because all the electricity in the ship's shopping district comes from the sun.

Royal Caribbean partnered with United Solar to install laminates that provide electricity for the ship's shopping district.

The 80kW system, which covers a floor area of 2,000m2, is listed to generate 111,108 kilowatt hours of energy a year.

1. Clarissa Parish designed many of the interiors aboard Allure of the Seas

Anglo-Italian muralist Clarissa Parish designed many of the beautiful decorations found around Allure of the Seas.

If you walk around Allure of the Seas, you will see her work without ever knowing one person was largely responsible for the art.

In fact, Parish also created a number of murals again for Royal Caribbean on the Freedom class cruise ships.