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Allure of the Seas

Hurricane Gonzalo changes Allure of the Seas itinerary


Hurricane Gonzalo has forced Royal Caribbean to change the itinerary of the largest cruise ship in the world, Allure of the Seas.

Allure of the Seas will modify its itinerary for its western Caribbean sailing.  She will now visit Falmouth, Jamaica on October 15 and Cozumel on October 17.

The storm has already forced Royal Caribbean to change the itinerary of Jewel of the Seas and Explorer of the Seas.

Forecasters expect the hurricane to strengthen from its current Category 1 status and move toward Bermuda later this week.

Royal Caribbean will expand Dynamic Dining to Allure of the Seas


The largest cruise ship in the world, Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas, will be converted over to Dynamic Dining.

Dynamic Dining is the new twist on traditional cruise ship dining.  Instead of a main dining room with fixed dining times, smaller restaurants are spread all over the cruise ship to offer more choice in ambiance and cuisine.  Some restaurants will be complimentary while others will have a cover charge to dine there.

Earlier this year Royal Caribbean announced sister ship Oasis of the Seas would be converted to Dynamic Dining and it was widely speculated Allure of the Seas would follow suit. 


Royal Caribbean's web site is now reflecting the change coming to Allure of the Seas, although the content there appears to have been copy and pasted from the Oasis of the Seas description.

Allure of the Seas is scheduled to go into drydock in May 2015 and will then offer Mediterannean cruises from May 2015 to October 2015.

Allure of the Seas eastern Caribbean Photo Report


One of our blog readers, Danielle Perry, just returned from a week-long cruise aboard Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas and we have a photo report to share with all of you.


Video: Allure of the Seas' wake timelapse


We love timelapse videos and this great video was taken on Allure of the Seas by Ken Slusser that was shot from deck 10 port while the ship was departing Labadee.

There's a great fade to darkness while the Aqua Theater comes to life.  Enjoy!

Google Street View adds Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas cruise ship


Google has added the biggest cruise ship in the world, Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas, to its popular Street View program.

Google Maps Business View, the commercial aspect of Street Views, added Royal Caribbean's flagship so site visitors can take a virtual tour of the ship.

The new tour offers a few spots on the ship site visitors can peek around with their web browser.  It does not cover the entire ship, so users will be limited to a few areas, rather than a seamless non-stop tour.

Once on Street view, you will be able to select from a series of options to enable them to "tour" the ship’s restaurants, cabins and pools as well as the ship's “unique activities”, including the FlowRider, rock-climbing wall and zip line.

Google created the Street View experience using a DSLR camera with a fisheye lens and a panoramic head resting on a tripod.

You can view the Google Street view on Allure of the Seas here.

New Royal Caribbean YouTube series premieres with Allure of the Seas episode


The first episode of Awesomeness TV travel show featuring Royal Caribbean is available.  

It stars Josh Leyva in YourMuscleBoii's Royal Caribbean Adventure on Allure of the Seas.

Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas get high speed internet upgrade


A new satellite network is giving Royal Caribbean flagships record internet speeds and more Wi-Fi capacity than all other cruise ships--combined.

A set of new, custom-built antennae were shipped from Israel to Florida last month, and installed on Oasis of the Seas. Testing confirmed the ships' ability to match the fastest broadband connections on shore.

The internet is being provided by O3b Satellite Communications and works by pairing a new generation of medium-Earth-orbit satellites (originally designed to bring the Internet to emerging markets like sub Saharan Africa) with sophisticated antenna arrays aboard the cruise ships.

The higher internet speeds will make it feasible for a guest to download streaming video or post video clips to Facebook. Royal Caribbean is developing new pricing plans for added service.

The entire process was started in 2012 when Royal Caribbean signed a deal with O3b and is now starting to come to fruition.

And by the time the new system becomes available on Royal Caribbean's newest ship, Quantum of the Seas, Royal Caribbean CEO Adam Goldstein said guests can anticipate "several new, show-stopper uses of the bandwidth."

What surprises? That information, he said, is not yet available for download.

Said Goldstein, "If you're a first-time guest on one of these ships, you won't realize how much work it took to make the wireless so pervasive – or that your cell 'tower' is 4,900 miles over your head. If you are a return guest, you'll be blown away by the improvement. It's that dramatic."

According to Bill Martin, Chief Information Officer, Royal Caribbean, the key to unlocking a land-like experience was reducing satellite latency – the time it takes for something to happen after you hit 'enter.' This breakthrough technology solves that problem, reducing latency from 750 milliseconds to approximately 140 milliseconds. And with each ship's overall capacity exceeding 500mbps during system tests, there will be more than enough bandwidth to go around.

UPDATE: According to Royal Caribbean, the new high speed internet connections will be available beginning August 2014.